Alchemy God Pragmatic play Chapter 6Liverpool10 Ruthless Butcher

The upgrade and revision is successful. Please support the book friends. If you find any bugs, please inform us in time so that we can correct them in time. If you need text chapters, please let us know. We will try our best to provide texts for popular books. Of course, because there are many books, the total workload is too large. If not, please forgive me. The first scene killed people. ∑fé was also the one who killed Panlong Mountain, which amazed everyone in the arena. Although he was dead, those who watched it found it very enjoyable! There are two competition platforms, but only Du Yanyao is the one who gets attention, because she is the Nairabet focus of the man city audience, and she is also a very good-looking woman. “I guess she should get along well with Youlan, hehe, I didn’t expect that Du Yanyao in Forebet is also a violent woman, but she is much calmer and more refined than Leng Youlan.” Su Meiyao laughed. Chen Xiang also let out a long breath, he looked at Du Yanyao differently. Pan Zhensong’s head was incinerated in an instant by Du Yanyao with a strong flame, and now there is only a headless corpse left. This puts a lot of pressure on those who are going to compete with Du Yanyao next. Du Yanyao attaches great importance to this competition, and she was so vicious in the first Premier League, she was also trying to make an example to them and let them know more about it. “It seems that I can’t take it lightly. This is Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon in the Holy Pill Realm. If I’m not careful, I might fall!” Chen Xiang told himself secretly, and then cultivated meticulously, smelting the dragon BGaming Xueyi sent to him. dragon force. In the other competition arena, BetWinner’s side defending Parimatch lost, but the side defending la liga was not completely defeated, because they still have two affiliates, and they can continue to fight in the ring. If these two 1xBet players

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