Aoshi Danshen Chapter 595Slot Games Return to the Rumble Forest

Chen Xiang didn’t expect to have betting clues of the Demon-Suppressing Bloodline so soon. Fei ◆Su “Have you heard about the relics of Zhenmo Tianzun?” Chen Xiang calmed down his excited Betting heart. asked. “No, no one has heard of it. We only know about Zhenmo Tianzun. He has been to the Holy Pill Realm for many years. No one knows what man city he came to do at that time.” Du Yanyao shook her head. road. Du Yanyao saw that Chen Xiang was so interested in the relics of the Zhenmo Tianzun, and she was even more curious about Chen Xiang’s origin, but she didn’t ask more. “Mr. Shen, do you really have a wife? She is excellent!” Du Yanyao’s voice was a little low. Chen Xiang sighed in his heart, scratched his head and said: “Actually, I am not a good person. So far, there is only one woman who has a reputation with me. In addition… there are two other lovers.” Du Yanyao sighed: “A powerful man, It’s normal to have more women around, my mother is my father’s eighteenth chelsa woman!” “Don’t talk about this, I will find a way to go deep into the poisonous fairy forest and find your grandfather, and then you won’t have to marry Give it to that annoying ghost.” Chen Xiang said with a smile. “No need, I’ll just hide when the time comes, you can’t go in and take risks, who knows if my grandfather Endorphina is really inside!” Du Yanyao shook her head. Chen Xiang didn’t talk about this matter anymore, he was going to make a decision, there was the blood of suppressing demons in it, so he had to go in and take a look no matter what. “By the way, is there any reward for the Holy Pill Society competition?” Chen Xiang asked BGaming. “Of course there is. That is the mysterious reward provided by Shengdan Gate. It will be announced when the sports betting conference is held. This conference is held once every 100 years. There are many alchemists participating, so the rewards will definitely not be too much.”

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