Pragmatic play Aoshi Online Casino Pill God Chapter 580 Xuanyang Fire Pill

Although it was broad daylight, the red light emanating from the Magic Furnace was still dazzling. The red light shrouded a large area. This was due to the flashscore energy that erupted when the elixir was burned. Large, and the strong light produced by it shows how strong the energy contained in those elixirs is. “This kid is always playing tricks.” Hua Xiangyue giggled and laughed very happily. “En.” Liu Meng’er smiled sweetly, nodded and said, she was very proud of this little man who behaved so beautifully. Although the alchemy furnace was destroyed, everything is still there, so Chen Xiang’s alchemy furnace is not over yet, this is not considered a violation of the rules. But this does not mean that Chen Xiang will be able to succeed, Fan Premier League Yakun still has great hope at this time, he suddenly found that it is a kind of mentality to lower his own level by placing the chance of victory on the failure of others, he I couldn’t help but sigh in my heart. Fan Yakun, who was born in the world of holy pills since he was a child, has never heard of Chen Xiang’s alchemy skills, let alone seen it. Now that he can see it with his own eyes, it is an eye-opener. One must know that the holy pill he is in The world is the origin of elixir, where there are very rich resources and a high level of alchemy civilization, even the alchemists in the fairy world are very yearning for this world. Therefore, the alchemists who come out of it generally don’t think that there are any alchemists in other worlds who can defeat them, but Fan Yakun found the Spinmatic Chen Xiang in front of him, and used a super paripesa technique to show the beautiful process of alchemy. Almost there. At this time, Chen Xiang was much more relaxed, but he couldn’t relax, because the Xuanyang Fire Pill he refined hadn’t

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