Aoshidan Rumble God Chapter 565 roulette

Wang Endorphina Shuge Introduction Hua Qiuxia flipped her palm, flashed a long blue light sword, and flew towards Leng Youlan, the speed was as fast as if it could split the space, but Chen Xiang was even faster than her, Slot Games stretched out a hand fully covered in tiger skin like lightning, and grabbed the sword in an incredible way. “Hmph.” Chen Xiang snorted angrily, and slapped Hua Qiuxia with a palm, the white dragon force suddenly flashed, and the ground trembled violently, followed by another burst of violent blows. Trembling, the shocking palm aroused with dragon power, the power of the shock can be said to shake the earth, if not for Chen Xiang’s excellent control, the Baihuatang would have collapsed long ago. The vibrating force collided with the space, making a terrifying sound, and hit Hua Qiuxia’s abdomen. Hua Qiuxia raised her eyebrows, luckily resisted, but she was still shaken backwards a few times step. “But that’s it.” Chen Xiang said with a face full of contempt, and Leng Youlan had already taken out her big white sword, and Xue Xianxian had also taken out her Msports Jade Dragon spear, her face was full of anger, because that Hua Qiu Xia uses weapons as soon as she makes a move, and she is very ruthless. Slot Games. Long Li, this is Long Li, those female students saw Chen Xiang knocking their hall master away with a palm, their faces were full of horror, Chen Xiang’s prestige was known to everyone in the Demon Conquering Academy, it was already He is regarded as a legendary figure, but not many students have seen his true strength. “I’m going to hide from her.” Leng Youlan shouted angrily, and was about to rush up. “Stop.” A majestic voice came, and it turned out that Spinmatic was the new dean of Jiangmo Academy, Man Futian. Although Man Futian came, but Leng Youlan

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