Aoshi Danshen BetWinner Chapter 550 Thrilling Magic Slot Games Powder

The flowers, leaves, and fruits of the soul-severing tree man city are all pure white without any impurities. They look very strange, and they are all very big. No matter how big Chen Xiang’s palm is, if it is smaller, it means the soul-severing tree The higher the quality. A leaf, a chelsa, a flower, a drop of sap, a fruit, a small tree root, these are the medicinal materials for refining the frightening god-eating powder. , as long as it is Leap who knows this kind of thing, all of them will look pale. “It’s not difficult to refine the god eclipse powder. You have refined white jade powder, and real madrid is basically the same as that. Maybe you can succeed in one go. The main reason for this god eclipse powder is that there are very few materials, such as the broken soul tree. Once this kind of thing is discovered, it will be destroyed by righteous people, and it will almost become extinct over time, and no one in the Evolution game dares to use this kind of thing. If it is discovered, it will face endless pursuit by righteous sects!” Su 22Bet Mei Yao said with a serious face: “I have never refined this kind of thing, but my little master Champions League has told me about the refining process of God Eclipse Powder!” The more powerful it is, the more difficult it is to defend against. Even with extremely strong armor and true energy, it is difficult for Paripesa to resist the corrosion of such heaven-defying things. Even gods are afraid, let alone immortals and humans, so they are afraid of being attacked by some alchemists. Grasp the threat to threaten them, and unite to disable this horrible thing. “There is still a way to prevent it, that is, soak it in the sap of the broken soul tree for three days and three nights, and the eclipse powder will not be able to corrode you. It is said that it can also prevent other energies from corroding you. Let you soak.” Bai Youyou

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