Aoshidan Parimatch God Spinmatic Chapter 535 Immortal Goods

Chen Xiang picked up Zheng Chu’s skirt, and slammed his fist on his face, punching after punch, all using the demon-subduing energy, although it was only a single sound of the demon-subduing energy, it made Zheng Chu dizzy, The nose is blue and the face is swollen. “Chen Xiang, why didn’t you kill me!” Zheng Chu felt extremely resentful. “Want to die? It’s not that easy!” Chen Xiang sneered, waving his fists crazily, the roulette fist brought a strong parimatch wind, exploding the demon power, and smashed Zheng Chu’s whole body ruthlessly and violently , His bones were shattered, and his meridians burst inch by inch, making Zheng Chu’s life worse than death. In the canyon, there was a fierce fist, howling fiercely, and thunder blasting one after another. Zheng Chu’s physical body was considered relatively strong, and under the repeated destruction of Chen Xiang’s explosive fists, he was still able to survive. “Don’t…don’t be complacent…haha…I want to die with you.” Zheng Chu suddenly let out a low and sinister laugh, that kind of laughter made Chen Xiang feel hairy. Suddenly, a strong sense of consciousness struck, Chen Xiang only saw Zheng Chu fainted, and a ray of white light burst out from Zheng Chu’s sky cap, carrying a very strong real madrid The mental coercion made Chen Xiang feel a sharp pain in his head, as if he almost exploded. “The soul is out of the body, it seems that this guy will use his soul to die with you.” Long Xueyi let out a scream. “Devouring Demon Art, hurry up!” Bai Youyou hurriedly drank. Chen Xiang hastily activated the Devouring Magic Art, and the strands of soul power that wanted to infiltrate his body were suddenly refined by the devouring power he released from chelsa, and turned into extremely pure soul power, which entered his sea of ‚Äč‚Äčconsciousness and merged into his body. His soul, Bet9ja, strengthens his soul! A sharp pain suddenly came from Zheng Chu’s soul la liga, because

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