Endorphina World-Defying Pill God Chapter 5 Live Betting Chapter 20 Dungeon Adventures

All kinds of shocks poured into people’s hearts at the same time, making it difficult to breathe! Chen Xiang actually disobeyed the principal, and also learned the tenth level of the Demon Subduing Energy, instantly firing ten rings of the Demon Subduing Energy, crushing the number one young and strong man in the world! Looking at the flesh and blood falling down like blood flowers, everyone couldn’t help but shudder. The people who had ridiculed Chen Xiang before the bet game felt very uncomfortable now. Chen Xiang not only killed Zhong Quan, but also used Jiang Mojin Practice to the tenth floor! Of course, as he did just now, Zhong Quan could be killed even without using the power of the tenth level of Subduing Mojin. What he did was to show off and let others know that he is more genius than Zhong Quan! Yu Baixiang is very clear that he has never explained the content above the second level, but Chen Xiang has learned the tenth level, which shows that Chen Xiang is self-taught, and he is self-taught. This is what shocked those old guys in the Devil Academy Even if Nairabet is live betting, 1xBet can only learn it through the careful guidance of others! But Chen Xiang not only learned it in just over a month, but also learned the highest level. They also saw the power of the tenth level just now. When Chen Xiang displayed it in the early stage of the Spiritual Martial Realm, that kind of The strength is even stronger than that of a soul martial artist. The dean clenched his fists tightly, because Chen Xiang disobeyed her orders in the champions league and killed Zhong Quan in front of her, and didn’t take her seriously at all. She is the dean here, in charge of the After coming to the Mortal Martial World, the Conquering Demon Academy can frighten all directions with her strength, but now a little ghost is here to challenge her majesty. “Arrest him!” The dean didn’t care how Chen Xiang learned the power of subduing demons.

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