Slot Games Aoshidan Nairabet God Chapter 505 Sexy Bed Sharing

At night, after Chen Xiang took a shower, he lay on the bed thinking about Liu Meng’er. The few acquaintances he knows are all passing through the Nirvana Tribulation, Hua Xiangyue, Liu Menger, and Wu Kaiming. Once they pass through the Livescore successfully, they will all pass through the Nirvana Tribulation. They are considered top existences in this mortal world. up. Suddenly, a faint fragrance hit, and I saw Leng Youlan jumping onto the bed with her wet hair on, what made Chen Xiang’s blood swell, was that Leng Youlan simply wrapped the plump pair of puffy legs with a black cloth. The triangle under the chest and waist. Looking at the half-exposed round snow rabbit, and a touch of cherry red, Chen Xiang felt that it was difficult to breathe, so he couldn’t help but take a deep breath. Seeing Chen Xiang’s demented appearance, Leng Youlan giggled: “Sister Xianxian just said that if I dress like this, I will definitely fascinate brother Endorphina, giggling…” Xue Xianxian wore a loose white roulette He walked slowly, and slapped Leng Youlan’s plump buttocks with a slap. There was a slap sound, and the buttocks burst out, making Chen Xiang’s eyes pop out of his eyes. What’s more terrible is that Leng Youlan is lying on top of Mozzartbet now, she raised her chest, and the deep gully made his eyes sink into it. Thinking that Xue Xianxian took a bath with Leng Youlan just now, scenes of voluptuous images suddenly appeared in Chen Xiang’s mind. “Sister Xianxian, I want to take it off, I’m not used to sleeping in clothes!” Leng Youlan complained. Hearing her words, Chen Xiang secretly supported her in his heart, but he didn’t dare to say it out to Paripesa, after all, Leng Youlan was his adopted sister. “No, if you take it off, this villain’s hand will definitely be dishonest!” Xue Xianxian looked at Chen Xiang with beautiful eyes, and gave him a glare. “Sin

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