Aoshi Dan Surebet247 God Chapter 4Mozzartbet90 Counterattack

Bai Youyou has warned Chen Xiang many times that he must never use the Demon Devouring Art on people whose strength is much higher than his. Chen Xiang is only at the early stage of the Spiritual Martial Realm, and he still needs to consolidate his cultivation, so he must not be able to quickly improve his cultivation in a short period of time. Why, but now let him devour a martial artist who has survived Nirvana! Chen Xiang couldn’t understand this kind of crazy behavior, but he knew that Bai Youyou would never harm him, and Bai Youyou must have another purpose for letting him do this. Up to now, Chen Xiang can’t control so much, he would rather let himself die than abandon Liu Meng’er. Seeing Chen Xiang rushing over, Liu Meng’er closed her eyes, two lines of tears fell down, she knew that Chen Xiang would rush over, she had some expectations in her heart, but she was more hopeful Chen Xiang was able to leave with Pragmatic Play. Chen Xiang pressed one hand on the ice, released mana, entered the frozen middle-aged body, felt the thick liverpool true energy in the dantian, and then began to use the Spinmatic Devouring Demon Art, which he hadn’t seen for a long time. Used it. “Haha, what an idiot…” The middle-aged man laughed wildly. If Chen Xiang left, he would be very troublesome in the future, but now he sees that the empress of the generation of real madrid Liu Meng’er is actually the same as this Chen Xiang. The kid has such an incomprehensible love affair. “Haha…” Although the middle-aged man was not frozen inside, he still let out bursts of wild laughter. He knew that Liu Meng’er wouldn’t last long, as long as he could wait until Liu Meng’er was consumed, he would be able to kill Chen Xiang in one fell swoop. And Liu Meng’er! Suddenly, the middle-aged laughter stopped abruptly, because he felt that the BetWinner Qi in his body was draining rapidly, and the speed of the drain made him feel terrified.

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