Aoshi Danshen Chapter 475 Spinmatic Premier League Fire of the Universe

The old man of the Holy Light Cult in the third volume was horrified to the extreme, he couldn’t believe what he said just now, Chen Xiang could turn into a stone, and then approached him silently, if he didn’t have a powerful weapon on his body The treasure is on defense, he was sure that Parimatch would be killed by Chen Xiang just now. Thinking of this, the old man’s back suddenly felt chilly, because he almost died, he didn’t expect that Chen Xiang would come back so soon to take revenge, and the method was still like this Insidious. Although the old man was shocked, his reaction was very fast. He slapped Chen Xiang with a powerful palm. The wind of the palm was like thunder, and there was a bang, and he rushed towards Chen Xiang with a violent and violent true energy. In the past, Chen Xiang quickly dodged and narrowly dodged the sports betting. This kind of palm force suddenly attacked. If he blocked it, he would only be impacted by that powerful true energy. The old man stomped his feet, and his body flew backwards. He shouted: “Surround NetEnt him, this time he must be killed.” As soon as his voice fell, Chen Xiang laughed loudly, and a bear burst out of the two dead middle-aged people. , after the old man felt the scorching heat of the Premier League, he hurriedly looked over, his expression changed drastically, Chen Xiang had already killed his two companions a long time ago, “Old guy, I will send you down to meet them in Nairabet soon “Chen Xiang raised his hand, a blue light suddenly appeared, and the Azure Dragon Demon Slayer Knife suddenly appeared in his hand. The old man was terrified and gritted his teeth. He couldn’t understand how Chen Xiang came here, even if the whirlpool had just Appeared, he couldn’t come so soon, and Pragmatic Play came in quietly to kill his two companions. Of course, what shocked the old man la liga most was Chen Xiang’s transformation technique. one

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