Aoshidan Betway God Roulette Chapter 430 Competition Results (Part 1)

Chen Xiang gave Lan Lan some demon hearts, so that Lan Lan’s demon hearts also increased, so that the Hall of Divine Martial Arts would not suspect that he killed Wan Xuan and Gongsun Jie, even if he suspected, it would not have much suspicion. In order to convince Lan Lan, Chen Xiang took out a number of Yaoxin poker, this is his share plus Gongsun Jie’s ten, a total of more than ten. betting Lanlan looked at the demon heart in that place, her watery eyeballs were about to fall out, she touched it with her hand to make sure it was real, she could feel the pure energy inside. “How did you get it? You killed a lot of demons?” Lan Lan couldn’t believe it. Chen Xiang nodded: “That’s right, in the Hessen Canyon in front, a very strong demon brought a large group, but they were all killed by my formation.” After speaking, Chen Xiang took another Out of the evil heart of the poisonous scorpion king, as soon as he took it out, Lan Lan immediately believed it. “This kind of demon heart, the strength should be close to Nirvana, your formation is so powerful!” Lan Lan suddenly found that Chen Xiang was not simple, and he even knew how to set up formations. Chen Xiang smiled at LiveScore and said: “In order to set up that formation, I used up all of my best spar! To be honest, I just didn’t want all of Wang Quan’s apprentices to enter the finals, so I helped you, didn’t you say Have you ever had a live betting match with me? Maybe we have a chance to compete with Nairabet! But you must keep this matter a secret!” Chen Xiang didn’t even bat an eye when telling lies, let alone he There are a lot of things to convince Lan Lan. Lan Lan solemnly nodded to chelsa: Paripesa “Thank you! You have done me a great favor, then… so how many of me do you want to give?” Chen Xiang smiled secretly, and said: “You have twenty

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