la liga champions league champions league chapter 415 end point

It was dawn in the second volume, watching the sun rise in the distance, Chen Xiang felt emotionally in his heart, he didn’t know what happened to others, he only knew that it was very difficult for him, and he was able to come here after going through twists and turns, at this time he was very Approaching the target point. () Although he was dragged to Online Casino for a little time, he still thinks that his game is faster, and he estimates that he can at least enter the top ten in the Evolution game. Originally, he was confident that he could take the first place, but when he saw that the girl Lan Lan could have such terrifying speed, he knew that he was too proud, and there were still many young and strong men in the King’s Continent. He is sure that the speed of those who can enter the top 50 in BGaming points will not be too slow. If they are not hindered, they may all surpass him. Thinking of this, Chen Xiang secretly hated it, because it was because the king had deliberately set up many ambushes to delay his time. Of course, he thought that his livescore had caused a lot of damage to the Temple of Gods and Martial Arts all the way to him, so he was secretly happy, at least he could see Wang Quan’s appearance of daring to be angry but not daring to act. The biggest gain in this line is to allow him to obtain the memories of the four formation masters. This kind of memory is very precious. After Chen Xiang absorbs it through the instigating spell, it can be engraved in his mind. After a simple By digesting it, you can become your own. It took a long time for others to accumulate rich formation experience, but Chen Xiang could get it in just a few strokes. Array masters are not so easy to be, especially when learning to arrange arrays, you need a lot of resources, and there are certain dangers. Law happens

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