Proud 1xBet Shidan Surebet247 God Chapter 400 Three Days

The second volume saw Chen Xiang talking like this, the people standing behind Wang Quan were all angry, they just wanted to accuse, but Wang affiliate raised his hand to stop it. (Please keep in mind when reading the novel) “You are very similar to your master! It was indeed my mistake just now, and no outsiders can stop Spinmatic in future martial arts competitions!” Wang Quan was actually very calm. Although he was a little angry, he still held back up. “Chen Xiang, don’t think that your master is Huang Jintian, so you dare to be big or small!” A young man in a well-dressed man behind Wang Quan said angrily. Chen Xiang sneered and said: “So what, don’t talk about my master, even my senior brother is much stronger than Senior Wang, don’t talk about my soaring senior brother in Paripesa, and talk about my senior nephew in the Evolution game, he should Also have the same strength as Senior Wang!” Shen Xiang’s words made Wang Quan angry. “Chen Xiang, you… Huang Jintian asked you to say that?” Wang Quan’s face was full of anger, and Gu Dongchen also pulled Chen Xiang’s flashscore. Chen Xiang smiled and said: “He told me so, he said that you will never be able to compare with him in your life, so you just opened a bullshit king’s martial arts meeting to show your strength.” “Master, let me teach him a lesson.” A young man behind Wang Quan said loudly. “Teach me? Little bald head, someone wants to hit me, what will you do? Surebet247” Chen Xiang laughed. Wu Kaiming sighed: “Let him try it and you will know.” Gu Dongchen smiled and said: “Old Wang, this little uncle has such virtues, but you should take care of your apprentice, don’t come here at will. Teach this little lunatic a lesson! Otherwise, death is none of our business.” Hearing Gu Dongchen and Wu Kaiming’s stance, the young man who clamored to teach Chen Xiang a lesson just now turned ugly, Gu Dongchen’s strength was unfathomable,

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