Aoshi Danshen Chapter 385 Suffering Man City Sweetness Comes

Primordial Spirit Pill and Five Elements True Yuan Pill are such rare pills, usually taking one pill can save a lot of training time, not to mention that it’s as simple as eating beans like Chen Xiang. Of course, Chen Xiang possessed magical powers to condense those dragon saliva, quickly ripen and grow a large amount of rare elixir, so that he could obtain a large amount of bet game pills. Now Chen Xiang suspects that Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou are both very strong originally, and maybe they are also strong in the heaven realm, because Su Meiyao also knows Dragon Saliva Kung Fu. Alchemy is very boring for many livescore people, because it takes a long time to hold a pill furnace, even several months, but for Leap alchemists, the process of alchemy is too boring, but the alchemy Sometimes man city can make them feel very accomplished. Even for someone like Chen Xiang who is super fast in refining Premier League pills, he will still feel refreshed when he succeeds in congealing pills in Liverpool. Ever since he learned the advanced betting alchemy technique of Yanlianfa, his alchemy success rate is high, and he can guarantee ten-level success in refining alchemy pills such as Yuanshen Dan and Wuxing Zhenyuan Dan, which are difficult to practice! The medicinal materials of the Yuanshen Pill grow fast, so there are many. He has two copies now, and he plans to save half of them. The medicinal materials of the Five Elements True Yuan Pill are relatively easy to grow. He has planted 100 to 50 copies in three months. He plans to refine fifty copies first, and if all of them are successful, there will be five Bet9ja Five Elements True Essence champions league pills! As for the eighty parts of the Foundation Establishment Pill’s medicinal materials, he planned to save them for refining in the future. He found that he still had quite a few of the Foundation Establishment Pills, and they had no obvious effect on improving his cultivation. In the last pill competition in Floating Fragrance City, Chen Xiang’s alchemy skills went up to a higher level

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