Proud 1xBet World Pill God Chapter 3bet game70 Ambition

Gu Dongchen said that something will happen today, but it is not as simple as expressing his position. If the Holy Light Cult does not agree to come and help, will they just leave? And Gu Dongchen doesn’t do anything? Bet the game? In Chen Xiang’s view, the Sacred Light Cult will definitely force the Chenwu Continent to submit to Slot Games at today’s Heroes Conference, and complete the great cause of dominating the East China Sea! Of course, he still doesn’t see any disasters coming to him. Although he is famous for live betting in Chenwu Continent, he is just a small Premier League among a large group of Nirvana Realms. . Ideal literature book friend compiled and provided, “If one day you are willing to come to Chenwu Continent to repel demons together, just raise your hand!” Gu Dongchen was impatient, and he knew the result long ago, but now he has to Follow his plan. After a short while, everyone was looking at me and looking at you. None of the people from the overseas mainland raised their hands, and Gu Dongchen was also very calm, and the same was true for the other sect leaders on Chen Pragmatic play Wu mainland. Just thought of that. Gu Paripesa Dongchen’s words seemed to be an insignificant sentence, as if no one would care. In the quiet square NetEnt, suddenly there was a mocking laugh, the laugh was so disgusting that people could not help frowning when they heard it. Just as everyone looked in the direction of the laughter, a middle-aged man in a golden robe stood up and walked out of his position, laughing and walking to the empty space in the middle. This man is really the leader of the Holy Light Cult, Qin Zejun! He faced Gu Dongchen, his smile stopped suddenly, he pointed at Gu Dongchen, sneered and said: “Gu Dongchen, no one will support you

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