World-Defying Pill God Chapter Endorphina 355 Fighting Xiao Chou Again (download flashscore)

Open fast, is your best choice! As soon as Chen Xiang appeared, the square fell silent. Today he dressed up meticulously, looking heroic. Chen Xiang’s handsome face is sharp and sharp, his eyes like the stars in the night are shining with a firm light, and there is a faint smile on the corner of his mouth, which looks extraordinarily charming. The body is wrapped in a black tights, looks very strong, exudes a strong masculinity, radiant charm, which made some women on the field admire secretly. Seeing the appearance of this extraordinary man, those warriors from overseas were all discussing in low voices. They had all seen the portrait of Chen Xiang, but the real person had never seen it. The people in the world are very different. Many people know that Chen Xiang once defeated Xiao Chou, but Xiao Chou and Xiaoyao Xianhai spread false news everywhere. Sportybet insisted that the result of the battle against Paripesa was evenly divided, Pragmatic play and also said that Chen Xiang was the main force. By luck, what made Chen Xiang dumbfounded was that Xiaoyao Xianhai actually said that Xiao Qiu played with a serious injury that day! Many people believed it, especially those who were defeated by Xiao Chou. When they learned that Chen Xiang’s cultivation base was lower than Xiao Chou’s, they believed it even more. Many of them also had a lower cultivation base than Xiao Chou. High, but still failed miserably, so they believed those rumors. Xiao Ziliang was smiling at the side, this time it was he and an elder of Betway Xiaoyao Xianhai, Gu Dongchen and Wu Kaiming who arranged the barrier, even if the square destroyed the sports betting, it had nothing to do with him, and this time he I have great confidence in Xiao Chou, once I fail, there will be no second time. “Chen Xiang, your flashscore shrinks your head

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