Leap’s World-Proud Pill God Chapter 325 Don’t Leave Parimatch Love

Novels, good-looking novels, romance novels, time-travel novels, martial arts novels, online game novels, fantasy novels, YY novels, Giant Panda Literature Evolution game, Giant Panda Literature Network Background Color: Font Selection: Category: Author: Title: See Chen Xiang A ruthless look flashed in her eyes, Yan Yanran was betting as if she had eaten a fly, her self-satisfied allure actually had no effect on Chen Xiang in the Champions League, she felt like a clown at this moment, rumble this made her suddenly There is an inexplicable shame. Hua Xiangyue also felt the same as her when Shen Xiang failed before. This content is the text content of Chapter 25 of 3Leap. Yan Yanran’s reaction was the same as Hua Xiangyue’s, she immediately put on her clothes and covered her beautiful Liverpool body tightly. Yan Yanran, who had a charming smile on her face just now, changed her face in a blink of an eye, her expression was very serious. She originally thought that using her body to confuse Chen Xiang would make Chen Xiang relax during the martial arts competition, but she didn’t expect this plan But she lost Betting, she knew that Chen Xiang’s strength was very strong, she also hid aside and watched carefully just now, although she was at the sixth stage of the True Martial Realm, she didn’t know the bottom line in her heart, because Chen Xiang’s true energy was thicker and stronger than hers, This made her unable to understand. Hua Xiangyue saw Yan Yanran deflated, secretly happy in her heart, Chen Xiang could even capture the heart of a woman like Liu Meng’er, so of course he wouldn’t be tempted by a woman like Yan Yanran casually. Although Chen Xiang had never met Yan Yanran in the Premier League before, he still had the same experience with the headmasters of the Beast Wumen Aojianzong and Zhenwumen. They thought that they came to Chen Xiang when Chen Xiang finished the competition and was seriously injured. Trouble, but I didn’t expect Chen Xiang’s recovery speed to be faster than they imagined.

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