Night Ranger Chapter 22 Evolution game Shadow Assassin

Share this site by book title and author: Style settings Recommended reading: Tips: The reading records at the top of the page will automatically save the reading records on your computer, no need to register Put it in betting on the side of the mud. After removing some chaotic stones, the abandoned altar revealed its true appearance. The reason why it was abandoned was because the high elves who ruled Feinan in the second era had left this land, and no one repaired it. Over time, it was naturally abandoned. But its basic functions are still there. The Elven Old God is a tolerant god, he allows the existence of non-believers, and is willing to make some deals with them. So Marvin is still very confident about activating the altar. If you are dealing with some evil gods, you have to be more careful, God knows if they will eat you by the way after getting the benefits. The runes on the ground are all written by high elves, and even among the ordinary elves left in Feinan, few of them are proficient. You found the Altar of the Ancient Elf Your Knowledge – Relic 1 Knowledge – Relic Slot Games Evolution game (Altar of the Ancient Elf): This is an abandoned altar of the ancient Elf, through which you can have a simple exchange with the Elf Old God or his agent communication. Marvin didn’t know these runes either, but he knew how to activate the altar. In the center of the altar, there is a small washbasin, which is made of clay, with some hideous monsters painted on it. These monsters are said to be the incarnations of the ancient gods of the elves. They are ugly and terrifying, but their hearts are extremely kind. He took out the lich’s severed finger and put it on the washbasin. After five NetEnt breaths,

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