Aoshi Danshen Chapter Msports221Nairabet can’t lose

Novels, good-looking novels, romance novels, Leap novels, martial arts novels, online game novels, fantasy novels, YY novels, giant panda literature, giant panda literature website background color: font selection: category: author: title: Bai Youyou no Immediately answered, she was actually thinking about it, which meant that she also wanted to gamble, she was not an alchemist, and when she was uncertain whether Chen Xiang would succeed, the number of failures would not exceed a hundred times. This content is the text content of chapter 221. “I’d better forget it, let’s talk about it when I am fully sure!” After Bai Youyou thought about it, she rejected Chen Xiang’s invitation. She herself possesses the profound yin veins, mainly for cultivating icy cold true energy, and she Betting also practiced the ruthless magic art that can be denied by all relatives, so she is usually icy, but Chen Xiang and Su Meiyao both know her icy coldness Under the surface, she is also happy, excited, caring, and understands emotions and forebets. That’s why Su Meiyao is very relieved, she doesn’t want this senior sister affiliate who has been with her for many years to repeat the same mistakes, follow her master’s old path, and become a murderous monster that her six relatives don’t recognize. Su Meiyao also had to admit that Bai Youyou had changed a lot during the time she was in contact with Chen Xiang. Chen Xiang was a little disappointed, but he was still very excited. He rubbed his hands, his energy was very full, as if he had been beaten to death. He continued to refine the sports betting pill. He had to successfully refine the primordial spirit pill, and the number of failures should not exceed one hundred times. One day passed, Chen Xiang failed ten times, and he still failed at the level where his consciousness was devoured. This made Su Meiyao secretly excited. Of course, she had also refined Yuanshen Dan. Although she didn’t have a soul, she needed to chelsa wants

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