Aoshi Danshen Chapter 1NetEnt46BetWinner sees through the conspiracy

Novels, good-looking novels, romance novels, time-travel novels, martial arts novels, online game novels, fantasy novels, YY novels, giant panda literature, giant panda literature website The disciples from the sect are very strong, and 22Bet defeated the eight Taiwumen disciples who could participate in the final at once, and even challenged some disciples in the audience with a high profile. Several Taiwumen disciples came to the stage at the same time, but they still lost up. “Elder Wu, our disciple has won eight paripesa, the strongest disciple in your inner courtyard, should I reward the hundred true essence pills and one hundred thousand crystal stones to our disciple?” Liao Shaoyun baccarat lightly smiled , asked Wu Kaiming next to Spinmatic, deliberately speaking loudly so that everyone here could hear. The Beast Martial Sect and the True Martial Sect have been smashing the ground in today’s premier league, but most of the most powerful disciples of the Tai Wu Sect have entered the True Martial Realm. For example, among the four strongest disciples in the First Inner Court, three of them are True Martial Realm, and Chen Xiang didn’t come. “Chen Xiang, go up and teach those guys a lesson, let them know how powerful our Taiwu Sect is.” A middle-aged man shouted. The people around Chen Xiang shouted one after another, Chen Xiang was very annoyed that he didn’t participate in this competition, but now that the opportunity came, he still had a great possibility to get those hundred True Yuan Pills and one hundred thousand Crystal Stones. Of course, Chen Xiang had to make those two live betting sects suffer a bit! Chen Xiang jumped lightly, trampled on the air, displayed a beautiful appearance, flew over from a distance, and landed on the competition platform. The much-anticipated Shen Xiang was eliminated five days ago, which made many people very regretful, but now Chen Xiang is at the critical moment.

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