Proud World Alchemy God Chapter 1 Pragmatic play Chapter 16 Shocking four people

So he not only wants to make the inner court lose the man city, but also wants to make the Taiwumen lose a little bit. When he came, Chen Xiang learned from Xu Weilong that among the nine members of the First Inner Court, only Endorphina has five strengths. Yes, the other four sports bets can be ignored, because they were all intentional by Mo Yuwen. It was against the water that the four people were allowed in, in order to win them over. Chen Xiang could tell which four those four were at a glance. Comparing Mo Yuwen and the others with their aura, he could tell that they were under someone else’s hands after all, so of course he had to restrain himself in front of his master. “One on one, if you lose, you can’t play again.” Mo Yuwen said. “Can I let the four of them go up together first?” Chen Xiang pointed to the four men who hadn’t spoken all the time, they were respectful to Mo Yuwen and the others. “As you wish, chelsa!” Mo Yuwen immediately said: “You guys go, be careful about the slot games.” At the beginning, there were four matches, and Chen Xiang chose it himself, which surprised everyone. They are warriors, seeing high-level inner court disciples fighting makes them all very excited. The contest begins! The four people shook their bodies, stimulating their thick zhenqi, and four powerful zhenqi burst out at the same time. The waves of air roared in all directions, setting off gusts of wind. It could be seen that their zhenqi was very pure and powerful. “As expected of the number one inner court.” Wu Qianqian’s beautiful eyes flickered, and she looked at those people standing in the field enviously. In her la liga’s view, these people in the number one inner court were disciples with a bright future. As long as they are strong, they are worthy of their worship. “Each of these four people is much stronger than the eldest sister, and the guy named Chen Xiang is doomed.”

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