The World-Proud Paripesa Pill God Poker Chapter 71 New Road

Read ten thousand volumes and recommend all book friends to read: “Hey, it’s the Artifact Refining Collection, and I have some experience in artefact refining!” Chen Xiang laughed and said, there are many more artificer refiners than alchemists, and there are many low-level artifact refiners, but There are very few craftsman masters, and those who can forge powerful utensils are just like alchemists. But after Chen Xiang saw the “Treasure of Artifact Refining”, he suddenly had the confidence to make himself a formidable alchemist. Of course, he wanted to focus on alchemy. Su Meiyao took the traditional Pragmatic play Chengzhu and looked at it, and a charming smile appeared on her face: “It really is a good thing, there is a tutorial on refining treasures, and there are many design plans, you have to take care of it.” You need to master it.” “Of course.” Chen Xiang smiled and said, “What is painted on the animal skin?” “It’s a map.” Su Meiyao said, and handed the inheritance pearl to Bai Youyou while talking with NetEnt, which also made it easier for her to Bai Youyou took a look. “What map?” Chen Xiang hurriedly asked. “A map of the medicine garden, but to open the medicine garden Spinmatic, you need a key. The refining method of this key is in the inheritance beads. Slot Games” Su Meiyao said. Chen Xiang quickly flipped through the things that flooded into his mind just now, and quickly found the refining method of the key. The materials were all very easy to find, and the difficulty was to carve complex spirit patterns on the key. “The key is here with me. It fell off when I opened the map Endorphina.” Bai Youyou spread out her fair palm, and only saw a small black key with a finger that was as big as a forebet and a smaller one. The spirit pattern of strange power was created by countless craftsmen after countless years of research. The spirit pattern is a must on the appliance, otherwise it will be affiliated

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