Proud Slot Games Shidanshen Chapter 56 Betking an eye for an eye

Song Nanming’s fast punch was hard to see, and it also carried a very powerful aura, but Chen Xiang Slot Games was able to keep up with Song Nanming’s speed, accurately judge the position of Song Nanming’s punch, and then accurately use He fought back with his fist, hitting Song Nanming’s fist. () (to win calls, read Kankanwang):. What Chen Xiang used was the Azure Dragon True Qi, which flickered with violent thunder and lightning. After the bombardment, NetEnt would always burst into a roar, and after the roar, there would be a storm of Qi Gang, which was more powerful than Song Nanming’s so-called ” “Dragon Gang Fist” is stronger and more imposing. The speed at which the two people punched on the stage was dazzling, as if two people were fighting with countless fists. Song Nanming was the first to strike, but now he is slowly retreating, his face is solemn, his fists have become numb, he can feel the thick and true energy of Chen Xiang’s counterattack, it is far away Far surpassed Endorphina and surpassed him, he thought that using Liverpool’s “Dragon Gang Fist” would quickly defeat Chen Xiang, so he was desperate and expended a lot of true energy to punch frantically, but now Paripesa was defeated by Chen Xiang Easily resisted. “You don’t use the lost ancient martial arts like this. You simply humiliated Long Wu.” Chen Xiang sneered suddenly, and saw him betting to close his fists, and took a few steps back, bursts of golden hair appeared on his body in vain breath. On his fists, the meridians in his eyes suddenly flowed with golden qi, and his flashscore was just like Song Nanming’s use of Longwu just now, and it was much more powerful than Song Nanming’s. Chen Xiang’s eyes were shining with golden light, his hands were like casting gold, and they vaguely transformed into vigorous and powerful eagle claws, golden scales appeared on his face

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