Apotheosis Danshen Chapter 26 man city is the real Surebet247 stage

Chen Xiang nodded and said: “Understood, Sister Youyou, when will you teach me magic skills?” Bai Youyou glanced at him coldly, and said: “You haven’t even fully mastered the Four Elephant Divine Skills of Junior Sister, you’re still close It’s far away!” The Azure Dragon Claw and Azure Dragon Roar in the Azure Dragon Magic Art are relatively easy to learn, as are the Suzaku Xuanhuo and Suzaku Fire Wings. Although there are many powerful martial arts in these four-element magic arts, they all need to reach a certain level of strength Only then can you practice, otherwise you will become obsessed. In the middle of the night, hidden in the secret room behind the Leap in the deep underground, there were bursts of “bang bang” Nairabet sounds, that was Chen Xiang practicing martial arts, only to see that he was bare-chested, his muscular muscles were extremely red, braving With a trace of hot air, he strode his horse and stood there steadily, pounding against the iron wall not far away. Waves of scorching air burst out as he punched, and the invisible force of the punch was separated from the air. It hit the iron wall, shaking the ground. “That’s right, I just mastered the Fire King Fist in one baccarat. BetWinner is the most difficult to master among the basic skills of the Suzaku Divine Art. You can rest now.” Su Meiyao was also a little tired because she was sitting here watching Chen Xiang Practiced for a day. Chen Xiang looked at Su Meiyao’s mature and towering chest, and said Betting with a smile: “Sister Meiyao, I’m going to take a shower in the man city, do you want to come with me?” Su Meiyao’s voice was soft and charming, her eyes full of temptation: “I have to. Ask senior sister to go together, I’m worried that you kid will be dishonest.” Mentioning Bai Youyou, Chen Xiang’s expression froze immediately: “Forget it.” Su Meiyao giggled, and entered the invisible ring in Chen Xiang’s hand Inside, there is a hut flashscore inside the ring, in which there are daily necessities

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