Dark Night Tour Affiliate Hero Chapter 70 Redemption (Part 2)

Text text The river of blood in the abyss flows quietly. Under the mysterious ceremony of the great lord of the abyss, the river goes up against the trajectory of the plane, and Paripesa reaches the upper betting world of man city. Ma Wen, who pretended to be a la liga young man, didn’t know that he had inexplicably infiltrated the demon army and participated in Feinan’s invasion. It wasn’t until the devil’s door appeared in front of Marvin, and he saw the familiar forest from a distance, that he suddenly realized it. Here…is it really Feinan? ! Marvin literally burst into tears. He wandered in the bottomless abyss for half a month, struggling to find a way to return to Feinan. However, because of the pursuit of the gods, he had to carefully restrain his aura. There is no Eternal Time Dragon, Marvin is alone, and he does not yet have the ability to teleport across planes – and the only teleportation he can return to send to the White River Valley, in one of his attempts, he was noticed by the Lord God of Heaven, He was almost chased by BGaming by Grant. Today, Marvin is not afraid of anyone except the three main gods of the heavens and a few ancient gods; but it is Grant, Anubis and the like, which give him some headaches. Without tiramisu, he is no match for these gods. There was no news of Eternal Time Dragon, so he could only rely on his own strength to return to Feinan. During this period, he also tried to contact Jessica with the imprint of the apocalypse, hoping to return to Feinan with the help of the three sisters and Stupid, but to his surprise, the imprint of the apocalypse in his body was somehow Time turned gray. The halo of the son of the plane also disappeared. Marvin vaguely guessed something. Up to now, he can only use the magician’s disguise ability

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