World Proud Nine Layers Betking Heaven Part Seven Chapter 739 BGaming A villain is like a dog!

The fourth part of Tie Yun Mending the Sky, the fourth part of Tie Yun Mending real madrid Tian today’s Li Jue, dressed in white snow, looks simple, but also has a bit of airy chic. Standing outside the gate of the small courtyard with his hands behind his back, he was even taller. Coupled with sword eyebrows and star eyes, with a warm smile on his face, he is really a good-looking talent, and it makes people look like he has a good impression. But Mo Tianji obviously didn’t like Li Jue’s attire very much. Just kidding, when it comes to handsome men, Mo Tianji has seen a lot of them. Among the brothers, which one is not a handsome man? Not to mention that there is also a Xie Danqiong who is so beautiful that he can be described by the four words “peerless elegance”! Although Li Jue looks good in la liga, 1xBet is not a level behind Xie Danqiong, and even compared to Gu Duxing, there is still a distance. Not to mention that there is also Chu Yang, who claims to be the most handsome in the world. In Mo Tian’s eyes, Li Jue is not even as good-looking as Tan Tan… So the first sentence he opened his mouth was to ask Li Xiongtu directly. Li Abai was obviously prepared for this question: “Brother Mo, Xiongtu was sent out by his family to do some business, and he will be back soon. It was my younger brother who volunteered to welcome Brother Mo and others to the hall.” Mo Tianji said oh , said indifferently: “Young Master Li is too polite, but, I don’t know what’s important to disturb our brother’s Premier League reunion?” Said: “Well, others really can’t help him, it’s Miss Huanhuan’s family who came, and Li Xiongtu went to greet her… Haha… Do you understand?” Mo Tianji obviously didn’t think much of this joke.

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