World Proud Nine Heavens Chapter 727 Forebetbaccarat Chapter 727 One dies, one stays!

In the arena, the situation of both sides of the battle has undergone subtle changes. The four men in white yelled and yelled, as if they were desperately attacking, but it was a lot of evolution games. At least, Xiao Zheng said that the two of them could always resist “just right”, without hurting their muscles and bones. Nor will it cost lives. This measure is very well handled! If it weren’t for someone with a heart who was on the sidelines, even Xiao Zhengyan and Shi Qishu in the middle of the battle would only think that they had shown their supernatural power and resisted the opponent’s attack. This kind of situation shouldn’t have happened among the players at the same level, but the strength of the four opponents is twice as high, so there is no pressure to do this. “Xiao Zhengyan, Shi Qishu!” The masked man in white at the head smiled slyly, “Don’t you really think that our Li family is so good at bullying Paripesa? It’s just two people who dare to go deep into thousands of miles to spy on news. It’s too much to bully others Let’s go.” Xiao Zhengyan was out of breath, and while drawing his sword, he sneered: “Li family, that’s all!” The masked man in white was furious, and shouted: “Kill him!” The attack of the four suddenly became more violent. But Xiao Zhengyan’s eyes lit up suddenly, and the opponent suddenly stepped up his attack, but the rhythm was a little too fast, which made the baccarat cooperation between the four of them a bit reluctant. This slight reluctance, fleeting, is a good opportunity to break out of the encirclement! He yelled at Real Madrid, and Liverpool raised his foot and stomped on the ground! With a sound of Pragmatic play, a deep cracked trench suddenly appeared on the ground, splitting endlessly towards both sides, winding like a living spirit snake, splitting along the way, and actually issued a Spinmatic crackle. Crackling; all the snow and stones and mud on the ground

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