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The content is loading…… With the help of these two foreign aids of the Dragon Clan, who are still doing a good job, they want to frighten off the invading army of many undead who have retreated in front of the Dragon Clan in one fell swoop. They will definitely not let go of the tombs of dragons in the hinterland of the elf kingdom! This point just speaks of the pain of the superiors of the Dragon Clan! But how can the old and frail guardian of the dragon clan resist the long-planned plan. What’s more, what about the undead archmages who are still ready to go? It completely fell into the hands of the great corpse witch who had always wanted to sit on the throne of the king of the kingdom of the undead! In the eyes of Bone King Mu Fasha, this great corpse witch is more than enough to attack the city and not enough to defend. But Msports no matter what, within these nine days. The Bone King Mufa, who can instantly turn the life forms of the entire city into undead creatures under the terrifying “flesh and blood” magic. So on the basis of resolutely destroying all the magic teleportation arrays of BetWinner, the Premier League of the Undead Kingdom, and other countries and races. Let go of your hands and feet and plan to fight a big Lich. It’s just a pity that no matter how out of curiosity they sent out ten mighty BGaming ghost dragons. Or send thirty ghost dragons to the skyline of Betting to conduct short-distance reconnaissance and harass the Lich. Xiang Tian, ​​the lord stationed in the first line of sky, has not moved at all for nine consecutive days. How can Parimatch keep the kingdom of the undead from feeling uneasy? A siege battle just like this, the big Lich angrily organized this team consisting of four hundred ghost dragons. And after the luxurious lineup composed of three hundred bone dragons. It marched in the direction of a line of sky in a mighty way! After all, with a large group of powerful dragon foreign aid, from the kingdom of the dead

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