Proud World Nine Heavens, Part Seven Chapter 693: Wheel Battle, Nine NetEntrumble Supreme!

Xiao Chenlei had a sinister smile on his face, but also a confident smile. One knife and one sword, attack at the same time! Even though he was facing a Supreme Sword Master and a Supreme Sword Master, he was still absolutely sure to defeat the two Supreme Sword Masters in one fell swoop! What’s more, with his unworldly cultivation base, he will severely injure these two Sword Supremes at the same time in this blow! Use the most violent and brutal way to defeat the enemy’s best attack! This is the only way to hit the enemy’s fighting spirit! In the heart of the enemy, plant a “never can defeat me”! Such a seed! As long as this knife and sword collide according to my own expectations, then these two sword masters will be crippled by Forebet himself! The inner demons left by a frontal attack are far more harmful than any inner demons! As long as these two people are completely defeated by this blow, then there is more than 90% chance that they will never recover from the fall! Xiao Chenlei was ready for Roulette’s subsequent spiritual attack and imposing attack. In the next moment, the light of the sword was like lightning, and the energy of the sword was like a rainbow! Simultaneously! The two sword qi took the lead in intersecting BGaming, sparking a bright light in the air; 22Bet scattered in all directions. Gu Duxing let out a muffled groan! The sound of the saber whistled, Dong Wushang’s broadsword slashed down with the momentum of thunder, but it carried a natural aura of a king, Baxiongtu! The two knives slammed together without any fakes! Xiao Chenlei let out a muffled groan! Dong Wushang let out a loud roar, and the ink knife slashed down nine times in succession! It’s like nine lightning bolts in succession in the air! The booming sound continued, and Xiao Chenlei’s tyrannical counter-shock force also burst out at this moment! With a sharp roar, Gu Duxing’s body pierced through the air like a sharp sword,

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