Proud World Nine Heavens, Part Seven, Chapter 666, Chapter 11, A New Starting Point

Fifth’s soft and serious voice suppressed everyone’s emotions to the extreme. “A very important place? Where?” Ye Xiaoyao thought hard. “Where is it important? Is it enough to affect the situation of the battle?” Xiao Zhengyan took a breath. “I didn’t realize it… The matter has been up to this point. Although it has not been successful, the sports betting live betting has been under the control of the Nine Champions League…” Chen Jianlong closed his eyes and raised his head in thought. Everyone else is racking their brains too. After thinking about it for a while, affiliate still didn’t come up with it. Finally gave up, and asked: “May I ask the Fifth Commander, what is worthy of such attention?” “That is, the Nine Tribulations attacked the Lan family, and he was seriously injured! This is the most important point!” Fifth Qingrou said, It made everyone wonder: Jiujie was seriously injured? Is there any sign from the intelligence that Jiu Jie was seriously injured? Without waiting for everyone’s questioning eyes to look over, he quickly continued: “The strength of the Zhuge family and the Lan family are similar. If they can attack the Lan family by force, they will definitely be able to eat the Zhuge family as well as Endorphina!” Jie, Livescore asked, is it more deterrent to destroy one family? Or is it more deterrent to destroy two families in a row? Will you let such an opportunity go??” Everyone couldn’t help but nodded. This sentence is good! “But…the fact is…although the Zhuge family lost a lot of property, but the main body remained unchanged…Why? They are a group of butchers, it is impossible to slaughter all the Lan family, so they are so merciful to the Zhuge family “The only explanation is… After they attacked the Lan family, the price they paid was very heavy! The rumble was so heavy that they could hardly bear it!”

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