Mozzartbet Proud World Nine Heavens Live Betting Part Seven Chapter 648 Only love can move people

Writing a book is not easy. Welcome to the starting point to subscribe to the Pragmatic play book or vote! ! The article is serialized with nearly twenty chapters. Total serialized stickers Total serialized stickers for VIP chapters. Qidian Help Friends who don’t know how to subscribe on Qidian, or Betting can’t vote, please read. Mo Tianji’s face was calm and dull, and his heart seemed to be boiling. I am a murderer! The death of so many people is actually because of me. But now this mother thinks that I saved her daughter, and before she died, she knelt down and thanked me! Her body, kneeling like this, turned into a statue. She has already run out of energy, and it can even be said that she is a dead body BetWinner, supported by faith and maternal love, so once she is relieved, her body will immediately stiffen! I, am I right? Am I wrong? He knelt straight, didn’t say a word, just asked himself over and over again in his heart. What would I do if it happened all over again? Chu Yang and Gu Duxing stood aside solemnly, watching. There was no leap sound. Mo Tianji made a move, and they were all expected. But they didn’t expect that Mo Tianji used such a method, and both of Livescore were a little shocked. Mo Tianji knelt quietly for a while, then slowly stood up holding the little girl, took out food from the ring, and gave it to the little girl to eat. The little girl was obviously very hungry. She was three or four years old and still not very sensible. Seeing her mother slumped on the ground, although her heart was sad and tears flowed, she was eating dry food with big mouthfuls, gobbling it voraciously. Looking at the little girl in his arms who looked a bit ignorant but naive, Mo Tianji’s heart twitched. This child, I am afraid

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