Night Ranger Chapter 56 22Bet Virtual Conferred Live Betting God

Vote for recommendation: Genius remembers this website in one second <Blood red is the fastest updated station! There are many mysterious places in the kingdom of heaven, and there are also many dark places. But there is a place that has been forgotten by everyone for a long time. That is the kingdom of the ancient gods of nature. There are three reasons why Marvin chose this place: First, from the incident where the Shadow Prince stole the power of nature, it can be seen that the ancient god of nature must have been asleep for a long time, and even if someone stole his power, he would not be able to perceive it to some extent First, it is even possible to declare the death of this god; second, even so, the kingdom of the ancient god of nature still exists, because it not only relies on the power of the ancient god of nature, but also relies on the world tree, and the world tree is connected Covering all the planes of the entire multiverse, although the Seal of the World Tree is currently in the hands of the three main gods, and they use this artifact to seal off the entire heavenly kingdom, Marvin knows that the kingdom of the ancient gods of nature is still NetEntroulette There is a way to leave the kingdom of heaven along the world tree; third, the kingdom of the ancient gods of nature, other gods cannot enter! And with tiramisu, apart from the cage set up by Bacon, there is no place Marvin can't go in the entire multiverse! As soon as the two celestial thieves came together, they immediately felt that the plan was good, and immediately set off for the kingdom of the ancient gods of nature. Tiramisu was originally a child's heart, and he had a good relationship with Marvin. Seeing that Marvin was carrying the Fate Slate and the advanced virtual Slot Games godhead, it was like helping him. This trip to the heavenly kingdom of God, although he also looted a lot of treasures, but in fact there were more. Baccarat was still helping Marvin improve his strength. Only

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