Proud World Nine Heavens Part Seven FlashScore Chapter 636 Baccarat Lan Buhui’s Tracking

Gu Duxing was somewhat disapproving of Mo Tianji’s arguments in the fifth movie, “Smiling Proudly Zhongtian”, “But they are Betting innocent after all!” Mo Tianji said flatly: “Du Xing…I don’t want to kill innocent people indiscriminately. La liga but…Since this is the case It happened, but I roulette will never regret it!” He paused, and said: “This time I miscalculated, but if it happens again… I will still do it!” Those who don’t stick to small details, and…kindness doesn’t command soldiers.” Mo Tianji said indifferently: “If a general succeeds, there will be a mountain of dead bones, let alone rectify the entire Nine Heavens Great World?” “Compassion is indispensable. But it can’t flood!” Mo Tianji propped himself up and stood up from the ground: “Now, it’s already a waste of time to say so much, the truth is useless, I’m too lazy to tell you Nairabet. If you can move, you can Immediately carry me to a safe place and finish this operation.” Gu Duxing snorted, and threw the shield casually, but Mo Tianji caught it again and put it in the ring: “Prodigal son! This is The essence after burning can be of great use to the boss…you just throw it away?” Gu Duxing rolled his eyes, put Mo Tianji on his back with a cold face, and shook it hard twice. Pain all over his body, this shock directly made the food in his eyes come out, he twisted his face and groaned: “You waited.” Gu Duxing snorted, and disappeared with a whoosh behind Mo Tianji’s back up. He used all means to shield his breath, and after two circles, he arrived at a mountain hut in chelsa, which should have been built by an Orion Premier League at some point. long gone, as

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