Proud World Nine Heavens Chapter 624 Chapter 624 The Lord of the Nine Tribulations Sword is my Senior Brother

The people of the Lan family were stunned! The one who was slapped to death was a genuine ninth-rank saint! Just being slapped to death by this ugly, messy person? casino Slot Besides, what was the sudden lengthening of the arm just now? Unheard, unseen! Ordinarily, the Supreme is able to raise his hand, use the Supreme Qi machine space to block BetWinner in the air, condense the Qi into a real thing; form a huge palm, and shoot it down! But that is false after all. But just now, this person obviously stretched his arms several times, and Liverpool clearly saw that his arms became as thin as chopsticks. But when he was caught, a ninth-rank saint-level expert didn’t even have time to resist, and was directly carried over! Moreover, the seven or eight supreme beings around him didn’t have time to react! Immediately the Surebet247 side started slapping. What I have to mention is that during this period, several supreme beings wanted to save the person, but each time the other party’s palm flickered, it didn’t seem like they were slapping, but they seemed to be making moves. Ultimate move! Every time I waved 22Bet, seven or eight supreme people would feel at the same time: the opponent is attacking themselves! As long as he rushed forward, he would expose his biggest weakness to the enemy and let him baccarat mermaid! Therefore, everyone in BGaming didn’t dare to rush forward for a moment. Then Tan Tan had already killed one of them, and arrested another one, asking fiercely, “Am I handsome?” After this arrest, everyone still didn’t see how he was arrested. It felt as soon as he stretched out his hand, another Ninth-Rank Supreme was caught in his hand, and he had no power to resist! Everyone gasped Betway at the same time: This person is definitely a master Betway,

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