Proud World Nine Heavens Chapter 610, Chapter 3, Chapter 3, The Tragic Night [Fifth update! 】

Ning let out a long roar full of depression, and flew out. I only heard the howling all the way, getting more and more depressed, more and more high-pitched, all the way down the mountain! He didn’t want to stay by Chu Yang’s side for a moment. When I saw this guy’s face, I wanted to kick him. With a murderous look on his face, Ye Zui walked around the champions league in front of the team. After waiting for five or six days in a row, Chu Yang still hasn’t come down from above. Ye Zui became more and more angry. “Did you find anything?” Ye Zui loudly asked a Ye family master who was flying over from another direction. “No!” “I’ve searched all over the southeast, north, south, and north. In the past six days, no one like that has passed by! I can guarantee it!” “He must still be on this mountain!” Ye Zui snorted He said, “It’s good if he’s still on this mountain… This time, I will kill him no matter what!” I remembered that when I returned to my family to chase Zhuge Soul, I found that Zhuge Soul was running fast all the way and was about to leave. Livescore of Yejia territory. Can’t catch up. Night drunk is a burst of depression. Unexpectedly, Zhuge Parimatch’s soul was so decisive, he could afford it and let it go, if he missed a hit, he would immediately retreat and fly thousands of miles away. People from Zhuge’s family couldn’t catch him, so naturally people from Lan’s family couldn’t catch him either. The only one who could make him vent his anger was Chu Yang. So in the past few days, Ye Zui concentrated all the power he could mobilize on flashscore one after another, and wanted to kill Chu Yang at all costs! If the people who rushed to the northwest had not gone too far, he even wanted to kill those masters. Nairabet also retained Betway to participate in this siege! The purpose was to kill Chu Yang! Now, the importance of Chu Yang’s live betting in his heart Pragmatic play, column

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