Chapter 602 of the Seventh Part of the Premier League, Chapter 602 of the World Proud Nine Heavens, can’t move suddenly? [real madrid fourth update! 】

Feng Lingtian poked the opponent and drew his sword abruptly, making the hearts of both of them tremble. Then the two individuals drove 1xBet into the gap with Jianguang! But the muscles of both of them were tense, ready for the fatal Leap blow that the enemy must have at any time! Both of them knew: this blow was definitely there, absolutely indispensable. As long as you can block this blow, you can rush into Parimatch! If you can’t stop it, you can only be a prisoner. Fortunately, I was ready to take the place of the dead ghost, but I don’t know if I can succeed… Both of them thought this way in their hearts, and they were secretly happy and apprehensive. However, at the next moment, both of them felt the unbearable surprise Evolution game started at the same time! The other party… actually maintained Betting’s majestic and murderous posture, and didn’t move at all! Even if the two of them passed by in the middle of the four… they didn’t even block them! Even after the two rushed in, the four were still posing coolly! Didn’t even look back! Even though they absolutely shouldn’t look back during the high-speed escape, the two sword masters still couldn’t help but look back at Spinmatic. It’s really weird. why is that? Turning around, I only saw the backs of four Yuan Ting and Yue Zhi! These four people are still standing majestically, looking ahead… “I really blame Betway…” Ye Zui muttered, “Could it be that these four people are just posing to scare you?” “Come on, where are you going?” There are so many nonsense on the birds…” Chu Yang said angrily a lesson; pulling Ye Zui, the two of them really worked together through thick and thin at this moment – they entered the Pagoda Mountain with a bang! Disappeared in the clouds in an instant

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