Proud World Nine Heavens Seventh Live Betting Part Chapter 570 Absolute Realm

Chu Yang galloped forward against the wind and snow, feeling more and more anxious. The boundless and boundless snow hit his face, but it couldn’t remove the daze in his heart. He hasn’t felt this way for a long time, including that time when he fled thousands of miles from Dazhao Zhongzhou back to Tieyun, even at the baccarat of life and death, he didn’t feel this way. This kind of feeling can only be felt in Fenglei Terrace in the previous life, when he was suddenly surrounded and the Evolution game was completely hopeless! But now, this feeling has risen again irresistibly. Only he himself knows how to take the next road, and he really has no clue. After coming out, breaking through Chu Yang originally wanted to use Li Tongtian’s identity to break through another level with Betting. But now it seems that it is no longer feasible! Everyone closed their eyes tightly, and finally opened them after a long time. “Three hundred and seventeen people have passed the flashscore.” Chu Yang Parimatch’s voice transmission faintly spread to everyone’s ears: “Among them, one person is the seventh-rank supreme person, two people are the sixth-level supreme person, three are the fifth-level supreme person; nine are the fourth-level supreme person. People, 15 people of the third-rank Supreme, 20 people of the second-rank Supreme, forty people of the first-rank Supreme, and the rest are all of the holy rank!” The statistics of Sword Spirit are very accurate! Everyone’s face was heavy, and no one spoke. With such strength, there are ninety people above the supreme level. No matter what level it is, they have the strength to besiege and kill them alone! Two hundred and twenty-seven rank saints. Just using crowd tactics alone can rumble them to death. Affiliate forty First-Rank Supremes, the Champions League can be exhausted… As for the Sixth and Seventh-Rank Supremes. One person can capture them alive! With such strength, it is impossible to compete directly! Chu Yang didn’t want to fight head-on either. But the problem is, now even dodge.

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