Proud World Nine Heavens, Part Seven, Sports Betting Chapter 538: Li Xiongtu’s Persistence [Second Nairabet Update! 】

Text (Excellent novels are all in the reading bar) Slot Games Under the threat of Master Zi, all the girls hid outside in fright, keeping silent like cicadas, and all of them listened to the movement inside with their ears straightened up. I’m afraid Mozzartbet can’t hear you if one ear is not working well, then you will be in big trouble… Even the owner of Liverpool dares to mention his famous name and scold the street. Those who dare to ask questions, and even boast a few words: Spinmatic “killed well! What’s the use of being so lazy… I wanted to kill…” Now that this question came out, the girls of course chelsa Chu Yang I couldn’t help feeling a little heavy. Why. Nine Deaths Resurrection Grass… “I’ll go out and see this young master. Don’t follow me.” Chu Yang confessed, and Shi Shiran walked out. The girls were all shocked when they saw that he had come out today. After hearing this, they immediately felt relieved and Nairabet. Chu Yang floated out like green smoke. In the courtyard next door, under the starlight; Li Xiongtu’s burly body looked taller and mightier. In such extreme cold, he was actually wearing only a pair of shorts around his waist. now. His whole body cultivation has been squandered by him, and he is using pure strength to move a huge star iron from the ground. According to Chu Yang’s visual inspection, this piece of star iron is at least five thousand catties! If Li Xiongtu’s cultivation base is still there, there won’t be any problem in moving, but now. He has no vitality in his meridians, and moreover, more than half of his strength has been lost. Li Xiongtu groaned with his muscles all over his body. The stars rise from the ground. Li Xiongtu trembled all over, and once again

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