Night Ranger Chapter 41 Bet9ja roulette imaginary seal

When the Destroyer Snakes managed to escape the seal from Slot Games, Marvin knew that sooner or later, he would face them. Even if he managed to escape this time, it would be the same for Endorphina. It’s just that he didn’t expect that the imprint of the God of Truth was not as strong as imagined! Although the enemies are all pushed away now, and the Babel Tower is all his own people, but for Marvin, this is not good news. This means that everyone’s life is under great threat! In today’s Tongtian Tower, the strongest Slot Games combat power is naturally Professor Red Copper Dragon. Although Pooh has used so many arcane bursts crazily, he is young after all, and he just woke up from a coma, killing so many After the person, both the magic power and the spirit have fallen into a state of exhaustion. Under the circumstances of live betting, Marvin himself was still weak! Compared with the previous near-death state, it is naturally much better. In this regard, Marvin has to admit that the form of magic addiction is indeed very terrifying, and once again saved his livescore life. Although the loss is the costly will point. But no matter how important the will is, without life, everything is meaningless. The most important thing is to survive Betway! So the moment Betking broke through the seal of the Evolution game, Ma Wen immediately made a decision: run away! He yelled to everyone. The professor flapped his wings and flew up solemnly, preparing to cover the retreat of the rest. However, at this moment, the childish Parimatch voice still echoed on the top floor of Tongtian Tower: “It’s okay, brother. I’m here. These two snakes can’t hurt anyone!” Pooh! Marvin looked at him in astonishment. He knows Pooh is powerful, but

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