Proud World Nine Real Madrid Chongtian Spinmatic Part Seven Chapter 526 The Amethyst Family [First update! 】

“This is an opportunity!” In the Nine Tribulations Space, the sword spirit said hurriedly: “As far as I know, after the Li family occupied the northwest, they found that the terrain was extremely cold and not suitable for human habitation at all. So they proposed to move…” “But before we could act in the future, we discovered that there was an extremely huge amethyst mine underground in the northwest. So the Li family suddenly changed their minds and stayed. No one in the other nine families knew about it. …” Sword Spirit said: “It took a lot of effort for the Li family to gain a foothold in the ice and snow wasteland and transform it into a place where humans can live. Later, when I started mining secretly, I found that there is no chelsa method to mine this amethyst mine!” “Why can’t it be mined?” Chu Yang asked in his mind. “Because Betting’s huge amethyst mine is actually wrapped in a strange metal. This kind of thing is somewhat similar to the Xingyun Mountain of the Zhuge family… Even if Betting is a ninth-rank peak supreme, it can’t be destroyed! So after the Li family mined the ordinary amethyst on the edge, they can only look at the core part and drool, helpless and do nothing la liga!” Jian Ling blinked: “That’s all I said, other Pragmatic play, you can see for yourself Let’s do it.” Chu Yang rolled his eyes and asked hastily: “I just want to ask, is there any family that specializes in mining amethyst?” “If there is, the Li Baccarat family has already found it.” Sword Spirit rolled his eyes , go ahead and settle down. He absolutely believed that after such a reminder from himself, Chu Yang would definitely be able to come up with a countermeasure to escape. Sword Spirit has 10,000% confidence in Chu Yang…flashscore…so Sword Spirit is very straightforward

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