Proud World Nine Heavens Seventh Part Five Hundred and One Surebet247 Chapter Fourteen An Invitation Msports Epicenter Sky! [Ninth update! 】

“Revolving around these mines, the disputes among the Maru family have continued for many years. But on the surface, of course, there is harmony. betting” Chu Yang also got the information about these mines from Lan Ruo. In the past, Chu Yang really didn’t think these mines were important; but after Jing Lanruo explained them, he realized that these mines are actually the pillars of the Nine Great Families! Moreover, every Slot Games mine is guarded by many supreme masters! “The following is about the grievances and grievances between the nine big families.” Chu Yang said emphatically: “The reason why we talk about pity first and then grievances is that you need to weigh the relationship between grievances and ties. There is also the issue of interests…it requires precise calculation.” Mo Tianji frowned, pursed his lips, and nodded deeply, while real madrid said nothing. Following what Chu Yang said, Mo Tianji’s brows became more and more wrinkled. When Chu Yang finished speaking, it was already dimly lit outside. The night passed. Mo Tianji’s wrists were sore, he changed his left hand to his right hand, and his right hand to his left hand; now both hands were shaking like chicken feet la liga, and he looked at the two-foot-thick stack in front of him dumbfounded. Folding papers, let out a long sigh: “This” Chuan Endorphina is just the initial data? Approximate information? “Chu Yang nodded: “Compared to the real information of the nine major families, these information are not enough. “Mo Tianji’s face turned livid: “That’s all… I used five big bottles of ink, and there are thirteen strokes in the brush…” Chu Yang encouraged: “Come on! “Mo Tianji’s face was miserable: “Do you know that if there are so many materials in the middle three days, I can at least sort out half of them?” ” “I just want to know, you see now

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