Proud World Nine Heavens Chapter 500 1xBet Chapter 3 The Excellence of Mr. Wei Betway

Title of the book: Chu Yang laughed out loud. What he said just now clearly meant that Liverpool had reached this guy’s pain point. “No wonder Betking is so confident, tsk tsk tsk…” Mr. Wei looked at Chu Yang sideways, “It turns out that he is already at the ninth rank of the holy level… tsk tsk, not bad boy, did you eat the fart of a fairy? You have improved so fast?” “That’s right!” Chu Yang puffed out his chest in a vigorous manner: “Msports is abusing you now, just like playing.” Mr. Wei laughed: “Wait a minute, let’s discuss?” “I’m afraid I will beat you to death, right?” It’s hard for Jun Lulu to explain.” Chu Yang was very modest. “It’s all right. I’ll just treat it as 22Bet and study with you.” Mr. Wei squeezed his eyes. Chu Yang looked up suspiciously, a little puzzled, this guy seems to be at the level of the second rank of the holy class, and he is competing with him? Really want to find abuse? Thinking of how he suffered under Mr. Wei’s hands back then, Chu Yuzuo suddenly became proud, and his anger value soared! “Okay! When you’re done with it, I’ll have a discussion with you, man city!” Chu Yang said through gritted teeth. While speaking, those people from Hushan Pang’s family had turned into corpses all over the place. The leading real madrid men in black came back to give orders. “You go back first. I have something to discuss with this boss!” Mr. Wei waved his hand. All the men in black respectfully agreed, and Leap couldn’t help but look up secretly; the person who can be called “the boss” by Mr. Wei is not too many in three days. As far as the eye could see, it was a young man in black who was as handsome as jade. At this moment, this young man was nodding his head and smiling. The free and easy youth and Mr. Wei baccarat’s chic are just like two brothers. Equally outstanding. different. Only Mr. Wei said: “Let’s go, let’s find a place to have a good time.

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