Proud World Nine Heavens Chapter 490, Chapter 490 is so cleverly roulette [fourth update! bet game]

The content is being loaded… Lan Ruo really dare not lie; nor exaggerate; because he knows that every sentence he says now will be verified in the future! If Chu Yang felt that his words were fake… At that time, the consequences would definitely be extremely serious! Chu Yang sat up straight and listened carefully. I keep remembering Msports in my mind, these are the most important information for going back to the last three days in the future. After all, the opportunity to be open and honest like today is only once in this life, even for yourself! It is absolutely impossible not to cherish this rare opportunity! Moreover, Chu Yang discovered that this livescore Lan Ruo was really a talent. The big and small forces of the Lan family, from top to bottom, so many people, so many things, were introduced one by one by him in an orderly manner, and gave people a feeling of a premier league with clear layers and no chaos at all. The most wonderful thing is that he also interspersed some interesting stories of our seniors in it, so that people will not be bored or distracted, and he can naturally deepen the impression of some of the names step by step… What a talent. “Our Lan family’s baccarat is not strong among the nine major families. Brother Chu, you need to pay attention to this section.” Lan Ruo is truly heart-to-heart this time: “Our Lan family should have the most It’s also ranked sixth or seventh.” “The Ye family ranks first. As far as I know…” Lan Ruo began to talk about other major families. It can be seen that the Lan family has also made great efforts in this regard. A personal name is like a treasure. Then the Xiao family, the Chen family, the Zhuge family, and the Li family

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