Proud World Nine Heavens Chapter 465 Don’t You Regret? is he worth it?

“Ridiculous!” The demon queen smiled without the slightest expression, her voice was cold. Zi Xieqing knelt upright, biting her red lips with her white teeth, without saying a word. “Do you know the benefits of you?” The demon queen said indifferently: “Although you are not a native of Jiuzhong Betway Tianque, you are originally from the sable clan in the mountains, but Betking has unintentionally obtained the power of a saint.” , to be reborn, although your current cultivation is low, the power of a saint has been stabilized in your body. And you have cultivated Zixuandan…Spinmatic… This is different from my Jiuzhongtianque Yaozu, so I need your help. Otherwise, I would not have taken a fancy to this little sable you!” “Although your root bone is the only purple sable in Jiuchongtianque, it is no more than Paripesa.” The demon queen said coldly: “You should You know, I just rumbled to take some of your blood, and I want you to have a little elixir, and roulette will treat my son’s illness; although it will greatly damage your body, it will not cause you to lose your roots, and it will not hurt your life! I will repay you.” “You leave the roots behind, and I will send people to protect you until you recover… Then you can be proud of the Nine Heavens Tower again!” The demon queen’s eyes became more and more cold and forebet, from which the With a cold murderous look: “Although you are hiding your strength, I can also tell that you don’t belong to the kind of person who is at the level of an emperor. At most, it is only a heavenly level, and only a beginner.” “I value you. It’s because the power of a saint in your body can save the prince’s life. That’s all for the Slot Games.” Zi Xieqing said lightly: “I already know this part.” The demon queen said angrily: “I’m not la liga I’m talking nonsense with you! I want you to know that although your current cultivation base is low, but

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