Proud of the Nine Heavens, Part Seven, Betway 455 Chapter 15 The Man Who Folded the Nine Heavens

Xue Leihan chuckled and waved, Premier League turned around and walked away. Chu Yang silently followed behind. The two affiliates wrote at a leisurely pace. Chu Yang didn’t start any movements. He just moved at the speed of ordinary people. His mind was filled with various emotions such as confusion, confusion and shock. Waiting… When he collected his thoughts and wanted to speak, he was shocked. I saw the trees on both sides turned into a group of phantoms and were constantly retreating. I and Xue Leihan were still walking in tandem, but this walk did not require any effort at all, and it was already thousands of miles away. Fly from under your feet! Slowly, the weather is getting colder and colder. Then, there was another heavy snowfall in front of him. Fluttering down. Xueleihan finally stopped, with the snow in front of her, she stepped on NetEnt and buried her full waist. Covered by the white snow Spinmatic, a purple bamboo forest stands gracefully. The mountains and plains are covered with white snow, but here is a purple bamboo forest, but it is so dazzling. Even though most of them are covered with snow, but that purple Yingying face is so heart-moving. Thick white snow pressed on the bamboo branches, falling down from time to time, and the bent bamboo branches shook violently, and then straightened again. The scene in front of me is so similar to the Betting place where they met in the previous life! Chu Yang was in a trance for a while. He stared at the purple bamboo forest closely. He seemed to be able to see a graceful red figure that was about to come out of the purple bamboo forest stepping on the white snow. Hong said, “Mr. Excuse me.” Xueleihan walked leisurely, straight into the purple bamboo forest, with a flick of his sleeves, the three feet of snow suddenly condensed into ice jade, and in the middle, an ice bulge slowly bulged.

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