Ao Shi man city Nine Heavens, I am very depressed! Endorphina!

The upgrade and revision is successful, please support more book friends, please inform us in time if you find any bugs, so that we can correct them in time, if you need text chapters, please let us know, we try our best to give popular books texts, of course, because there are many books in real madrid, the total workload is too much Big, please forgive me if I don’t have one.. Recently, I’m so tired that I don’t even want to talk, and I’m very angry. //..5/1/o.oоΟ My aunt celebrated her birthday yesterday, and I went there early; I lit the firecrackers and fireworks by myself. Very lively. After the excitement was over, I fell silent. Sitting alone on the side, holding your head, you just want to sleep, or you are not sleeping, you are thinking about problems. But, what exactly I was thinking, I didn’t know myself. There are many things, but it seems that there is nothing. Parimatch Then, I was probably one of the first to get drunk. Anyway, I vaguely remember that when I was drunk, it seemed that the dishes were not ready yet. Sitting in front of the Liverpool computer today, touching the keyboard, I feel a little strange to myself. I almost don’t know myself, a stranger. bet game went all over the book review area. Found a problem: Aoshi is recognized as weak! Hey, the lack of subscription base is indeed quite weak. But from now on, I will never retreat! Nairabet I want to fight! The world-defying plot has reached a critical turning point, and I’m afraid there will be no explosion! But I still have to fight! Being in the second! I will be the first! In the third, I rushed to the second! In the fourth, I rushed to the third! At the 100th, I’m going to rumble to the 99th! This depression, I can’t put it into words! But very depressing! Let Slot Games let me vent————————————— Fight! ! ! ! ! ! It’s been too peaceful these days

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