Proud World Nine Paripesa Heavy Heaven Part Seven Chapter 423 Nairabet The Spirit of the Earth [Third update! 】

Among the Chu Yang brothers, Dong Wushang had recovered more than half of his injuries, and the ink knife was also picked up by Chu Yang, and it was even more powerful than before it was cut off. (Stay once) Mo Lei’er’s injury has almost healed; Mo Qingwu has already started running back and forth, occasionally, holding the ring that Bu Liuqing left before breaking the void, muttering to herself; look It can be seen that although the little girl was often mischievous when Master Bu was around, her departure this time dealt a big blow to Mo Qingwu. Rui Butong has fully recovered and is still diligent. In the past few days, he walked back and forth in front of Dong Wushang with his arms dangling, making Dong Wushang’s teeth itch with hatred; He promoted it again… he really couldn’t bear the Spinmatic mouth. Hmm, baccarat, I have to say, it’s really mouth… bird breath! During this time, Meng Chaoran acted as the housekeeper and full-time nanny. Fengyue and Fengyue walked back and forth in the courtyard with their hands behind their backs. The direction of the two of them happened to be a circle, facing each other, separated by four or five feet, walking around a circle, and there seemed to be a strange rhythm in it. After Chu Yang treated Chu Feihan’s injuries, he happened to see it when he came out, and he couldn’t help wondering, “This is the two seniors?” Yue Lingxue smiled faintly, and said, “Chu Yang, come and watch; this time, it’s us The new understanding after the two injuries is betting.” Chu Yang Forebet suddenly became interested, and leaned forward: “New understanding?” “That’s right. A brand new understanding. Moreover, this kind of understanding is especially useful to you .Msports” Yue Lingxue laughed. “I would like to hear the details.” Chu Yang said with great interest. Yue Lingxue smiled and said: “With

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