Night Rumble Ranger Chapter 26 Monster

Because the temple itself was built in ruins, after the two entered the dilapidated gate, they could see spider webs and gravel everywhere. It seems to have been deserted for thousands of years. A kind of vicissitudes and evil breath rushed towards his face, and almost instantly, Marvin’s perception felt a potential threat. He looked at a corner of the temple for the first time. But NetEnt saw Pragmatic play in the shadows, and a spider with a huge flashscore was staring at them. The spider Parimatch is very scary. Not only are thousands of eyes densely packed like red dots; what’s more frightening is that he has sixteen claws! Marvin’s eyesight was amazing, he could clearly see the sharp jagged protrusions on the spider’s legs. The only thing that puzzled him was that the spider didn’t attack the two of them. “Don’t worry about it, although it is the guardian of this place, it won’t attack us.” Yin sneered. Marvin froze for a moment, and immediately frowned and said, “The monsters here are all under the control of the Mieshi Shuang Premier League snake?” Yin nodded, and a gleam flashed in his eyes: “So the problem is not how we get what we want. What Slot Games wants—how to escape after taking the real madrid to the Evolution game.” “It seems very contradictory.” Marvin said, “Can’t we clean up all these monsters first?” First of all, we are not sure about the strength of these monsters. Don’t look at me, although I have lived long enough, the birth of blood races is far less long than the ancient evil gods.” Yin said mockingly: “Secondly, don’t you think that fleeing for life Is it easier than defeating these ancient monsters?” What Yin said was naturally not unreasonable. Marvin himself was a ranger

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