Proud World Nine Slot Games Chong Tian Chapter 413 Chapter 413 The Return of Fengyue 【Second Update】

If Chu Yang realized something, he pondered. nilongdao/download “Sword Spirit, do you want to say that the word ‘cherish’ is the most precious and sustainable thing in this world?” Liverpool Chu Yang said word by word. “I didn’t say it, you said it yourself.” Sword Spirit smiled slyly. Chu Yang also laughed as if he had realized something, muttering the word “cherish” in his mouth, he felt the pressure on his heart relieved a lot at once, and his heart seemed to have a deep understanding, and he murmured : “Thank you, Spinmatic Sword Spirit, I think I understand. After I join Msports, I will cherish the Premier League even more, what I already have.” Sword Spirit smiled faintly, and said in a low voice: “Yes, life Among them, it is a great happiness to have things worthy of your own cherishment. You are very happy, because there are many things worth cherishing for you, and there are many things worth cherishing for me…” Sword Spirit’s voice was a little lost. Chu Yang said quietly: “Jian Ling, you are worthy of my cherishing the Evolution game.” He paused, and said, “I cherish your Slot Games very much!” Thank you.” The voice was somewhat unnatural. Chu Yang smiled in relief, looked at Wu Qianqian’s body in his arms with heartache, and asked, “In this case, how can Qianqian’s body be preserved?” Jian Ling reminded: “You can put her in the nine Kalpa space. Although the Nine Tribulation Space can’t accommodate living things at your current level, she is already a dead person, and the Nine Tribulation Space doesn’t matter to a dead body.” Hearing this, BGaming was furious and said Online Casino: “Dead? Dead body? You are the fucking dead body! Your whole family is dead Paripesa!”

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