Proud Livescore Nine Heavens Part Seven Chapter 402 Brothers, let’s fight in our champions league! [! 】

Lanxiangyuan roulette. Ever since Zi Xieqing left, Chu Yang has organized battle groups. Intense arrangement! In the Lanxiang Garden, there are a total of nine people; Chu Yang, Wu Qian, BGaming Qian, Mo Qingwu, Dong Wushang, Rui Butong, Mo Lei’er, Meng Chaoran, Chu Le’er; plus a comatose night early morning. Among them, Chu Yang just broke through a few days ago, and he is the seventh rank of the holy king in the sword, Dong Wushang, just broke through to the seventh rank of the holy king in the sword, Rui real madrid is unreasonable, the fifth rank of the holy level, Mo Leier, the holy level After the seventh grade. Wu Qianqian, the sixth rank of the holy class; Mo Qingwu, the first rank of the holy class; Chu Le’er, the cultivation base is the third rank of the holy rank, but the actual combat experience… cough, don’t mention it. Among them, the weakest in the battle became Chu Yang’s master, Meng Chaoran. Saint-level first-grade; moreover, it was during this period of time that he broke through with that day’s magical skill. This has to be said to be a very uncomfortable thing. Especially the person involved, Meng Chaoran, should be even more uncomfortable. However, Meng Chaoran remained calm and did not feel uncomfortable at all. It seems that Betway has been used to this matter for a long time, like chelsa, and it should be like Liverpool, and Leap is not in the slightest. This self-cultivation made all the juniors admire. After all, not everyone can face such embarrassment. The first arrangement Chu Endorphina Yang made was to use the killer Nairabet mace. Chu Yang’s trump card is, of course, Chu Le’er. Chu Le’er’s current poisoning skills have reached the holy level; of course, she has no actual combat experience at all. As for poisoning others, it is even more unprecedented in his life. but. There was Chu Yang beside her. There is also a sword spirit in Chu Yang’s body. The superposition of these three is as powerful as Wujuecheng! more scary

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